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New Browning Ammunition Blogger Jessica Nyberg

Browning Ammunition welcomes Miss Jessica Nyberg to its family of weekly bloggers. Jessica is an avid and active lover of the outdoors. She hunts. She fishes. She is an archer. She is a shooter. She is a firearms instructor. She is a CCW trainer. She had been co-host of a Sportsman Channel TV series for years. Jessica is incredibly knowledgeable on firearms and ammunition.

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Come along on this video blog from Jessica and get to know her. You’ll see her right here every Thursday beginning today on Browningammo.com. She’ll give tips and tactics on how to become a better shooter and hunter. She’ll dive into the technologies behind existing and new Browning Ammunition products and will share some insights from time to time on other fabulous Browning products like: guns, safes, knives, clothing…etc.  She’s also on her own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages so make sure to follow her there as well.

We think you’ll enjoy weekly blogs from Jessica and find them to be insightful and informative in your quest to become an even more skilled hunter-shooter.

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