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Target Rifle Ammunition Rebate - August 15, 2023 to September 30, 2023

Minimum one box purchase | Maximum Rebate Amount $150

Earn 25% OFF select Browning Target Ammunition

Selection of target rifle ammo boxes included in the rebate promo

Eligible Products:

223 Rem - B192802231
223 Rem - B192802232
223 Rem - B192802234
223 Rem - B192802235
350 Legend - B192803501
350 Legend - B192803502

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A Longstanding Legacy of Innovation

Since 1878, Browning has brought game-changing products to hunters and sport shooters that have stood the test of time. With the launch of Browning Ammunition in 2015, a new legacy in quality rifle, shotshell, pistol and rimfire products was delivered to the world, demonstrating Browning’s relentless pursuit of being The Best There Is®.

The Best There Is®.
For All Your Best Moments.

From the hunting trail to the shooting range, Browning Ammunition has you covered with premium, innovative ammunition to mark the moments that matter most.

New Products.
Same Superior Quality.

Our new for 2023 products are here with top-tier ammunition to keep you at the very top of your game.

2023 Products

Silver Series

Browning Silver Series ammunition celebrates the timeless tradition of big game hunting with a modern version of the classic soft-point bullet. The heavy projectiles with precision-plated bullet jackets, deliver hard-hitting energy in calibers that are more than capable of taking the toughest game in North America.

6.8 Western

Built for big game hunting & long range precision shooting.

The Browning 6.8 Western offers impressive long-range accuracy, less recoil than 300 Win Mag and 300 WSM and staggering knockdown power when you need it.

Wicked Blend

Precision round bismuth meets precision round steel.

Precision round bismuth stacked over precision round steel, Wicked Blend delivers the ultimate pattern density, knockdown power and max downrange energy.

BPT Performance Target

Hard Targets. Harder Shot.

BPT Performance Target utilizes premium, hard shot to help deliver tight patterns and maximum target breaking energy.

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