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The Ideal Caliber for Personal Defense…Pick One

When I started looking around for my very first pistol, one of the most daunting decisions for me was, what caliber to choose. Whether you’re a new shooter or you’ve only owned long guns, picking that first handgun can be a challenge. I’ve been a firearms instructor for six years. The one thing I always recommend to anyone picking out a new pistol is to shoot several different models and calibers before committing to buying one. Some guns will feel better in your hand than others. Grips vary on all guns, and sights can be very different as well. Many shooting ranges will rent out guns, so you can try a few before making a purchase. My motto is, “Try it before you buy it.” In this blog, I will focus on what I feel are the two most popular handgun calibers and the benefits of each.

The Ideal Caliber for Personal Defense…Pick One

It’s a common belief, and perhaps arguably, that a .380 pistol is the best choice when it comes to a firearm for concealed carry-personal defense. The .380, for the most part, is small enough to fit in a front or back pocket, and because it’s so small, it doesn’t weigh much. It’s important to consider that lightweight-smaller firearms can result in more recoil, than with a heavier-full-size handgun. Remember that a longer barrel and heavier gun will result in less recoil. I’ve told this to hundreds of people. This is why I almost always recommend that people learn and shoot with larger caliber handguns first (if they feel comfortable).

If you’re looking to carry but also want a good home-defense pistol, I recommend the 9mm. This caliber is very popular, and it is offered in many configurations for safe storage at home and can also be readily available whenever needed. Not to mention, when coupled with the right holster, it can be virtually unnoticeable when carried concealed.

Handguns come in many caliber offerings that can then be paired with the bullet type for personal defense situations. The Browning BXP personal defense X-Point ammunition is built specifically for any home defense or carry pistol you choose. It comes in .380, 9mm, .40 and .45. Browning incorporated a black nickel shell casing, which will help the reliability and functioning of this product. In addition, the X-Point technology was developed specifically for personal defense application.

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